The Circle of Brotherhood is a space where you read about community movements that inspire you. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and related initiatives want to create a world that is free of racial discrimination.

Parents from all social and ethnic backgrounds should be able to give their kids access to quality education and healthcare. Discover a few major child welfare issues that parents are faced with in black communities. In some communities, there is a lack of mentorship programs, and parents in rural areas need more infant and childcare support.

Communities in America are faced with various racial disparities. A disproportionate number of black families don’t have access to a pediatrician or basic childcare services. Communities and organizations need to unite to make the necessary community services more accessible to young mothers. Pediatricians can educate parents about child-rearing.

Listen to the latest podcasts and discuss issues of racial discrimination in the US. Experts talk about movements like BLM and how relevant protests have impacted conversations about racial challenges in the country. Professional speakers like Matika Wilbur and Kimberlé Crenshaw speak up about racial issues in America.

Discover how childcare services can support racial minorities in the country. Tutoring programs can how to educate kids about racial issues. You can organize a food drive to provide parcels to families who struggle to feed their children. Apply to volunteer at a children’s hospital or foster care home. You can also organize fun events for children.

Explore how violent behavior is observed in kids and adolescents. Examine a few key factors that have been known to promote violent behavior in kids. Children who have been victims of abuse at home or have been exposed to violence in the media may develop violent behavior.

Finally, education and movements such as BLM can raise awareness about racial issues in the US. Join movements you care about and collaborate with like-minded people that want a better future for their children.